We're just a local couple trying to uphold the integrity of humanity through sharing what we cultivate.


     We started experimenting when our aunt Ruth introduced us to her microgreen farm in McCloud, CA. Kory with his green thumb and Christin with her passion for nutrition as a Registered Dietitian, were in awe of the magnificent microgreens. 

     Our love for nutrition is not only focused on what we eat, but also on how we eat and how our food is raised or grown. Nutrition is falling further and further away from our roots; US agriculture practices have led us to an epidemic of nutrition related diseases. How did we ever become so detached? 

     As we both live the hustle and bustle of the American lifestyle as full-time service workers, we've realized that connecting to our land and food, and also the community, is how we thrive. We weren't made to sit at desks or stand in one place all day. We love growing what we eat and supporting local farmers. This adventure has given us a better perspective of the art of farming and culinary. Thank you in supporting us, as well as the world, in leaving a little less of a carbon footprint. 



     Located in Napa Valley, CA, Napa Valley Microgreens are grown year round in a greenhouse. Although we prefer natural light to conserve resources, lighting is used to provide appropriate energy and warmth during the winter seasons. Our seeds are purchased through reputable sources that also share a similar philosophy in farming. Our seeds our non-gmo, and some certified organic. We use no pesticides, soil, and water. That's it! From our home to yours we hope you enjoy our little greens that deliver a big punch. 

Appropriate for all diet lifestyles.

Microgreens are nutrient dense and fit most dietary lifestyle choices. From Vegan to Carnivore, any of our greens can suit your personal preference.  


1340 Linden St

Napa, CA 94559


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